12 Things That Are Sure To Make You Smile

12 Things That Are Sure To Make You Smile

You may have different likes and dislikes but the little things in life that put a smile on your face are the same. We asked our friends what is most likely to put a smile on their face. Here’s what they said. Read on! 

1) Uncontrolled, gurgling, unfettered laughter. Doesn’t it feel amazing to see time stop for that second when you lost it all and just laughed to your heart’s delight?

2) Happy memories, crazy moments from the past. We’ve all been crazy and done crazy! Thinking about it and passing it on seems like a great idea to ensure everyone’s happy! (According to our survey, 6 per cent of the participants think revisiting past memories brings an instant smile on their faces!)

3) A happy baby. And you know, the baby needs no reason! (Guess what, 13.3 per cent felt that a smile is the most obvious response when you see babies and their cute little antics. Who wouldn’t?)

4) Smile on my parents’ face. It all seems to be worth it. Like they deserve it. (Almost 7 per cent of those who were part of our survey believed there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing our parents happy!)

5) Bunking work on a Monday. Let’s do some happy dance!

6) Old songs and your dear ones humming to its tunes. Ever thought you may not exactly have the most pleasing voice? WHO CARES! Sing away! Cease the day!

7) A big tight hug. Sure, it will make you happy. And happier if you weren’t particularly sad!

8) Flowers. You never ask for it. But you like it when you’re surprised and given one. Yeah?

9) Compliments and receiving greeting cards. Who doesn’t like some fancy way to say hello?

10) Finding a letter (not a mail) from a loved one in my email inbox. “Someone wants to talk to me!”

11) Back home from work and see my dog waiting at the doorstep. Bundle of joy, right there!

12) The pitter-patter of rain on the windowsill, doesn’t it make you smile from within? And, of course, the smell of earth after the downpour! Total bliss, no? (Almost 3 per cent of those who participated in the survey agreed!) 


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