15 Truths You Will Understand If You Have An Elder Sister

Ah, elder sisters! It’s sometimes better being an elder sister than being a princess. It always leaves a smile on our face to recollect those trivial fights we had and how suddenly we used to make up.

The memories may fade away with passing time, but the love we share will only grow. Here are some of the craziest experiences every sibling who has an elder sister have probably had.

1. You’ll always be the guinea pig, she’ll try things on you, makeup, dresses, hair etc.



2. Anything and everything will be used as a weapon of war



3. Fights over the remote  – hair pulling, punches and shouting – someone has to cry



4. You’ll be the student of her makeshift classroom – while she plays the teacher



5. You’ll always be the Assistant to her weird experiments – cooking food, pranks, fun etc.



6. You need not worry about a career path – she’s there already to guide you. Been there, done that.



7. If you were a partner in a prank with your elder sister, then you’re safe. Elders get all the thrashing from parents!



8. You instantly become famous in middle school coz you know quite a few high school girls. All thanks to sis.



9. You get excited when a stranger questions, “Between both of you, which one is elder. You or her?”



10. You’ve been made to believe that you’re adopted. Admit it, you fell for it many times.



11. Permission required from parents? No probs, elder sis can convince. Bad news to tell parents? No probs, younger sibling :(



12. The best and the only babysitter you ever wanted.



13. You had immense pleasure simply by annoying the hell out of her!



14. But, at times, you also got overpowered, locked in a room (or bathroom) when things got messy



15. No matter what, she’ll always be the first, last & the best friend you ever had.


Goes without saying, she’ll always be there for you. Sometimes, you never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Wish your sister love today.