1. The eyes have one language everywhere 🙂
  2. Don’t Think That ‘TIME’ Will Change Our Life…
    ‘TIME’ Only Changes The
    Expiry Dates Of The ‘Opportunities’ !
  3. A relationship works best when both person
    believes they have got better than they
    deserve.!! 🙂
  4. Dear Heart, please stop falling in love with people I can’t get 🙂
  5. Whenever I Get Online.. I Open Up Ur Profile… Continuously Keep Staring At Ur Pics… Though Ur Not there In My Life…. 😦 But Always Be In My…
  6. Even if I am not the whole story just a forgotten chapter, I know I did more than I was capable of…I loved you more than I ever thought ❤
  7. That moment when you say, “Just Kidding” but you’re actually dead serious
  8. Friends are forever, until they get in a
    relationship.! 😉 😛
  9. I will never understand people who think sleep is a waste of time.
  10. The best memories live in my smile 🙂
  11. Everything in life happens for a good reason.
    It teaches you something.
    Treat every mistake you made as a lesson to make you a better 🙂
  12. Using Google to study for tests instead of the textbook.
  13. Sometimes happiness comes in the form of a button called.. “Delete Contact”  😀
  14. Your parents brought you up! Don’t bring them down.
  15. Don’t worry so much about other people opinions of you. In the end, the only thing that matters is in YOUR OPINION. You live your life as well as you could have. Live with as few regrets as possible. We never know where we are going and we try to forget the PAST. We try to HIDE OUR PAIN inside so no one can see. If you feel like that then LOOK FORWARD to tomorrow and if tomorrow isn’t a good day then look forward to the NEXT. Now flip it around, notice the starts, take walks, breath the fresh air, watch the birds, just set yourself FREE..
  16. The Best Part Of #Sachintendulkar Speech :”Sachin, Sachin” will reverberate in my years till I stop
    breathing.” 🙂
  17. Whenever I Get Online..
    I Open Up Ur Profile…
    Continuously Keep Staring At Ur
    Though Ur Not there In My
    Life….But Always Be In My Mind, Heart
    Wishes… Being The Only One I
    Always Miss  ❤ ❤

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